"Cleaner, Dryer, Faster"

On most days, you can expect your visit to Richie's to take no more than 4 minutes. Our pledge to you is to make your carwash experience as pleasant and fun as possible. FREE Self-serve vacuum stations and cleaning product vending machines are available when you have extra time to clean your car's interior. Nobody can do the job as fast as Richie's!

Why Richie's?

10 Reasons to Use Richie’s Car Wash


1. No Brushes, Just Soft Cloth!

At Richie’s, only soft cloth touches your car’s finish. Brushes can damage your car, leaving it dull. All equipment used to wash your car at Richie’s is the finest made in the industry. Richie’s uses a high-tech computer system to control the proper amount of water, soaps, and cleaners to thoroughly clean your car.

2. Just The Right Blend of Soaps!

Richie’s Special Shampoos are a secret formula and a blend of 8 solutions. They’re safe for your car and safe for the environment too.

3. We Find All the Dirty Places!

Our high pressure spraying equipment finds all the dirty places on your car. Our special underbody wash equipment washes the underbody and applies a rust inhibitor which will protect the critical underside. Just because you cannot see the underbody does not mean you should not take care of it (especially for Colorado residents!)

4. Clean Wheels Looks Great

We know how to clean wheels and make them look great. Our wheel washers scrub white walls and Richie’s Wheel Brite will clean and shine chrome and wire wheels. Our equipment knows when to apply cleaning solutions and apply the right amount of high-pressure spray to clean the dirtiest of wheels.

5. Protect Your Car’s Finish!

With a Richie’s Works wash, your car is treated to a triple coat protectant, which will give your car’s finish extra shine and luster. This treatment includes no way but will help protect your car’s finish.

6. We Wash SUV’s, Pick-Ups, and Most Vans!

For no additional cost, we will wash your pick-up, SUV, or standard-sized van. We ask that your truck bed be thoroughly clean and free of debris before washing to protect your vehicle and our equipment.

7. Warm Air Dryers Dry Cars!

Our touch-less drying system is revolutionary. Fifteen powerful drying fans will get your car safety dried to prevent spotting. Convertibles and vinyl tops are dried safely at Richie’s Express Carwash.

8. Buy the “Works” Wash Book!

If you are a frequent carwasher, you should consider buying our “Works” book. Buy 4 “Works” washes and get 1 Free! That’s 20% savings, and one of the best car wash values around!

9. We Must Satisfy Every Customer!

Each and every customer must be fully satisfied! That’s our pledge and commitment. If you are not totally satisfied with your wash, we will re-wash your car during the same visit, free! We value each customer at Richie’s

10. Clean! Dry! Fast!

On most days, you can expect your visit to Richie’s to take no more than 4 minutes. Our pledge to you is to make your car wash experience as pleasant and fun as possible. Self-serve vacuum stations and cleaning product vending machines are available when you have extra time to clean your car’s interior. Nobody can do the job as fast as Richie’s!